A disappointing journey to Mashobra & Naldehra

27th of January was the date when we went to see Mashobra and Naldehra.
There wasn't much to explore there because like Kufri, most of the the attractions can be accessed only if you are ready to ride a horse or mule. We didn't know this beforehand, so our excitement died sooner than I had wanted to. But still, there were a few highlights, which I liked a lot!

What is Mashobra

Mashobra is a town & a small hill station (yet another) which falls under Shimla district.

Places of interest

Regional Horticultural Research & Training Station

Either my driver himself didn't take me to other places here like wild-life sanctuary & Craignano or these places are simply too risky to go when it has snowed. Anyway, he took me to RHRTS which is a research station for horticulture & apple trees.

There is an entrance ticket of 50 Rupees per adult. If you are not sure whether it is worth the money or not, I am posting some of the photos so that you get an idea :-)

There is a breathtaking view of mountains & this research institute also houses a small lawn where you will find some old trees. There are also a few glass-houses (pictures below). I didn't find the lawn (or trees) that interesting. Also, the institute doesn't look that impressive or spectacular at all. The only thing I liked was the scenic beauty.

Unique looking plants inside the institute.

Nice to see beautiful flowers despite the bone freezing cold.

View of mountains from RHRTS.

A glass-house with beautiful mountains in the background.

What is Naldehra

Nadehra is a small place, situated about 22 KMs from Shimla. It is famous for its 9-hole Golf Club.
This Golf Club is on the hill-top and since it requires riding a horse to reach there, we decided to return to our hotel. Those who want to explore, it takes around 2 hours for a round-trip on horse & they were charging 500 Rupees per head for that (at the time of writing this post).

Below are some of the photos I clicked in Naldehra. I really found the shape of the leaves (and the trees) interesting ;-)

What To Expect?

It depends on what you want to see. If you feel like riding the horse on a hill, there is a lot to explore. You might feel that lack of abundant snow & blossoming flowers makes it look a bit dull. Well, I also felt the same. But apple flowers only blossom during spring & turn into the fruit during August-September. However, above pictures might give you a clue about what to expect ;-)