Miniworld Rotterdam : - Videos

I loved Miniworld so much that I decided to create a separate post which is dedicated to the videos I shot there. I have already written about Rotterdam & Miniworld, but I felt I should not cram all the videos in those posts. There are already many photos there in the posts & this is why I am writing this post which contains the videos I shot from my Sony WX300 (No DSLR, yet!).

You will also see mini Kinderdijk in the videos. To read about Kinderdijk & see the photos, below is the detailed post.

So, below are some of the videos ☺️

Rotterdam - A City That Rose From the Ashes

Europe's largest port & second largest city in the Netherlands, Rotterdam has more than this to offer.
Rotterdam has many sky-scrapers, which is an unusual sight in most Dutch cities. All these modern buildings sure look beautiful & give Rotterdam it's identity as the most modern city in the Netherlands. But this is not what makes the city special. What made me fall in love with Rotterdam is that it is a city which was burnt to ashes & it rose from that like a phoenix. During World War II, Germans bombarded the heart of the city & destroyed it almost completely. From there Rotterdam evolved as the most modern Dutch city with its spectacular architecture. It is hard to believe, though!

This post revolves around 3 places since it is not possible to cover the entire city in one post! Rotterdam has much more to offer :-)

Introduction : -I went to Rotterdam on 11th of March, 2018 (a day after my memorable trip to Kinderdijk) & it was really cold & windy. The su…

Kinderdijk - A UNESCO World Heritage Site

I was in The Netherlands a few days ago & I had decided to explore it a bit more than what I did during my first trip (where I only visited Hilversum & Amsterdam).

So, I went to see Kinderdijk, Rotterdam & Utrecht. Kinderdijk was the first place on this trip (officially I was in Hilversum) & the trip began on 10th of March 2018.
What is Kinderdijk?Kinderdijk is a village in South Holland (Zuid-Holland) situated around 15 KMs from Rotterdam, which is famous for its 19 windmills that were built in 18th century (around 1740) to keep the area dry & drain the water. It is located at the junction of rivers Lek & Noord
Kinderdijk is one of the most famous & well known Dutch tourist sites. The group of old windmills is probably one of its kind & one doesn't get to see it anywhere else in the world. This is a prime example of Dutch water management & explains how Holland manages to keep itself dry despite being below the sea-level.
What To See?Those 19 old w…